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Yury Borisov - Where is our mistake?
Vasil Prodanov - The situation of Bulgarian society and trends for its development in the context of Globalisation and Ňuropean Integration
Angel Georgiev - Bulgarian economy under the conditions of Globalization and European Integration
Vanya Dobreva - The young people of today and the left policy under the conditions of transition
Josif Avramov - It is possible that the currency board in our country be socialized
Vanya Ivanova - Education in Bulgaria in the conditions of Globalisation and European Integration
Evgenii Gindev - Bulgarian society under the conditions of Globalization and European Integration
Special Edition - May 2004

Ilko Shivachev - The regional foreign policy of Bulgaria
Krassimir Premyanov - Problems of the political system of Bulgaria
Vasil Velev - Tourism in Bulgaria and the challenges of Globalization and European integration
Alexander Blagoev - Globalisation and higher education issues in our country
Pavel Radomirski - Bulgarian export within the multilateral trade system
Robert Mirchev, Mario Traikov - The role of tax police in the process of Bulgaria's European Integration
Stayko Tsonev - Sport in the European perspective of Bulgaria
Tihomir Stoychev - Globalization and organized crime

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